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Gunite is highly customizable. From a classic pool design to a natural-looking freeform pool, utilizing gunite allows pool owners to create whatever design they wish.


With proper maintenance, gunite pools can last for decades without any major renovations or repairs. Out of the three types of inground pools, gunite wins on durability.

Surface Finish

Gunite offers several interior finish options to choose from, ranging from river pebble aggregates to epoxy paint finishes. And, with the addition of glass tiles, pool water can appear ocean blue or sleek turquoise in color.

Visual Appeal

There is no limit to the design aspect of a gunite pool. With curved or intricate, flowy shapes, gunite poolscapes offer elegance and visual appeal. From a tropical oasis to a soothing Zen Garden-style landscape, you can build a pool to suit any theme you can imagine.


When you compare gunite vs fiberglass vs vinyl, gunite pools require the most maintenance. You will need to brush your pool regularly to prevent the buildup of algae. The surface may also need to be etched with acid washing. Caring for a gunite pool is more time-consuming than other in-ground pool types.

Initial Costs

While adding custom features raise initial costs, you can save on delivery charges, as gunite pools are fully constructed on-site. They are typically more expensive than vinyl or fiberglass pools.

Lifetime Costs

Gunite pools typically require resurfacing every ten years. Repairing the cracks (if any) or re-tiling can also increase lifetime costs.

Installation Time

Gunite pools take the longest to build and may exceed two to three months, depending on your pool size and the features you select. For example, building an L-shaped pool may take less time than building a pool with a spa addition or paved patio.

Construction Process

Gunite pools are built entirely on-site. First, the site is excavated, then, the pool builders construct the pool utilizing reinforced steel bars. Next, the gunite is shot through a high-pressure nozzle and allowed to cure. The hardened gunite becomes the pool’s shell.

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