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The initial consultation and pool design are done at no charge. During this first meeting our swimming pool designers will discuss your lifestyle and your vision of the project. We will also simply explain different methods of construction, building materials, and types of pool equipment and sanitation. You will be well informed knowing that the products you selected for your pool are suitable for your lifestyle.

After discussing your needs and options, we will actually start the design of your pool and begin to let you experience your new pool with our state of the art 3D virtual reality design software. When the design is complete you will see exactly how your pool looks from any given location, even inside the home from a window or a door. This allows us to build your pool with no surprises and gives you the confidence of knowing what the finished project will look like from the very beginning design stages.

Pool Trends

& Options

Beautiful, tranquil waterfalls, built in water slides, pool bars, fire features, and on and on. Today's pools have exciting additions that turn dull, hot summer days into fun, enjoyable moments.

During our consultation, if you are interested in some of these possibilities, we can discuss what's possible and what you may be interested in for your pool.

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